■ Publications (since 2006)
Number Year Publication Title
54 2022 IEEE Access A Highly Efficient Time-Based MPPT Circuit With Extended Power Range and Minimized Tuning Switching Frequency
53 2022 Electronics Noise Immunity-Enhanced Capacitance Readout Circuit for Human Interaction Detection in Human Body Communication Systems
52 2022 Energies SIMO DC-DC Converter with Low-Complexity Hybrid Comparator-Charge Control
51 2022 Electronics Energy Efficient Distance Computing: Application to K-Means Clustering
50 2022 IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems A 3.2-GHz 178-fs _rms Jitter Subsampling PLL/DLL-Based Injection-Locked Clock Multiplier
49 2021 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II A 0.007 mm2 0.6 V 6 MS/s Low-Power Double Rail-to-Rail SAR ADC in 65-nm CMOS
48 2021 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II A 0.5 V 10 b 3 MS/s 2-then-1b/cycle SAR ADC with Digital-based Time-Domain Reference and Dual-Mode Comparator
47 2021 Sensors A Reference-Sampling Based Calibration-Free Fractional-N PLL with a PI-Linked Sampling Clock Generator (selected as a featured paper)
46 2021 IEEE Access An Accurate Time-Based MPPT Circuit With Two-Period Tracking Algorithm and Convergence Range Averaging Technique for IoT Applications
45 2020 IEEE Access A 0.5 V 8-12 bit 300 KSPS SAR ADC with adaptive conversion time detection-and-control for high immunity to PVT variations
44 2020 Energies Design of a DC–DC Converter Customized for Ultra-Low Voltage Operating IoT Platforms
43 2020 Sensors Time-Interleaved SAR ADC with Background Timing-Skew Calibration for UWB Wireless Communication in IoT Systems
42 2020 IEEE Access Design and Analysis of Low Power and High SFDR Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer
41 2019 IET Electronics Letters Balanced sampling switch for high linearity and a wide temperature range in low power SAR ADCs
40 2019 IEEE Solid-State Circuits Letters A 213.7-μW Gesture Sensing System-On-Chip With Self-Adaptive Motion Detection and Noise-Tolerant Outermost-Edge-Based Feature Extraction in 65 nm
39 2019 Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science Current-mode Logic Driver with Two-tap Pre-emphasis using Reconfigurable Capacitive Peaking for -12.3 dB Insertion Loss
38 2019 IEEE Access LW-DEM: Designing a Low Power Digital-to-Analog Converter Using Lightweight Dynamic Element Matching Technique
37 2018 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits A 3.9-kHz Frame Rate and 61.0-dB SNR Analog Front-End IC With 6-bit Pressure and Tilt Angle Expressions of Active Stylus Using Multiple-Frequency Driving Method for Capacitive Touch Screen Panels
36 2018 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I A 12-bit Multi-Channel R-R DAC Using a Shared Resistor String Scheme for Area-Efficient Display Source Driver
35 2017 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics A 0.016 mV/mA Cross-regulation 5-Output SIMO DC-DC Buck Converter Using Output-Voltage-Aware Charge Control Scheme
34 2017 Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science Energy-efficient Spread Second Capacitor Capacitive DAC for SAR ADC
33 2017 Journal of Systems Architecture Reduction of task migrations and preemptions in optimal real-time scheduling for multiprocessors by using dynamic T-L plane
32 2017 Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science A Return-to-zero DAC with Tri-state Switching Scheme for Multiple Nyquist Operations
31 2017 IEICE Electronics Express A low-jitter BMCDR for half-rate PON systems
30 2015 Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science A Single-Ended ADC with Split Dual-Capacitive-Array for Multi-Channel Systems
29 2014 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits A 2GHz 130mW Direct-Digital Frequency Synthesizer with a Nonlinear DAC in 55nm CMOS
28 2014 IET Electronics Letters Energy-efficient charge-average switching DAC with floating capacitors for SAR ADC
27 2014 IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics Efficient maximum power point tracking for a distributed pv system under rapidly changing environmental conditions
26 2013 IEICE Electronics Express Low-power pipelined phase accumulator using CMOS-CML hybrid F/Fs for pre-skewing operation
25 2013 Optics Express A motion gesture sensor using photodiodes with limited filed-of-view
24 2013 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics A remote pointing device by using modulated IR signals with a 2-D striped pattern
23 2013 IET Electronics Letters Low-power pipelined phase accumulator with sequential clock gating for DDFSs
22 2013 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics Single-Pachage Motion Gesture Sensor for Portable Applications
21 2013 IEEE Sensors Journal Single Chip Dual Plate Capacitive Proximity Sensor with High Noise Immunity
20 2012 IET Electronics Letters Pipelined phase accumulator using sequential FCW loading scheme for DDFSs
19 2012 IET Electronics Letters Low-power fast-update pipelined phase accumulator for CML-based high-speed CMOS DDFSs
18 2012 IET Electronics Letters Capacitive proximity sensor with negative capacitance generation technique
17 2011 Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing A Wireless Infrared System Using a Dual-Band Receiver and a Pulse Width On-Off Keying Modulation Scheme
16 2011 IET Electronics Letters Low-Power Temperature-Independent Ambient Light Sensor
15 2011 IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences High-Speed and Low-Complexity Decoding Architecture for Double Binary Turbo Code
14 2010 Microwave and Optical Technology Letters The Design and Realization of a Highly Linear Power Amplifier Module for a WiMAX/WiBro (802.163) Base Station
13 2010 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits A 1.3-GHz 350-mW Hybrid Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer in 90-nm CMOS
12 2010 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics A Low-Power MDDI-Client Architecture Using On-Off Byte counter
11 2010 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics A Multi-Lane MIPI CSI Receiver for Mobile Camera Applications
10 2010 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics A Power-Efficient Digital Amplifier Using Input Dependent Bit Flipping for Portable Audio Systems
9 2010 IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems A Low Power SOC Architecture for the V2.0+EDR Bluetooth using a Unified Verification Platform
8 2009 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics An Ultra low power CMOS Motion Detector
7 2008 IEICE Electronics Express Intra-panel Interface using three transmission lines for flat panel displays
6 2008 IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices Improvement of Inter-pixel Uniformity in Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Display by Luminance Correction Circuit
5 2008 IEICE Transactions on Electronics 6-bit 1.6-GS/s 85-mW Flash Analog to Digital Converter Using Symmetric Three-Input Comparator
4 2007 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics A Portable Surveillance Camera Architecture using One-bit Motion Detection
3 2007 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics An MDDI-Host Architecture with Low Complexity for SoC Platforms
2 2007 IEICE Transactions on Electronics Digitally Controlled Duty Cycle Corrector with 1 ps Resolution
1 2005 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits A 1.6-GS/s 12-bit return-to-zero GaAs RF DAC for multiple Nyquist operation