■ Publications (since 2006)
Number Year Location Publication Title
32 2019 Poland IEEE 45th ESSCIRC A 213.7-μW Gesture Sensing System-on-Chip with SelfAdaptive Motion Detection and Noise-Tolerant OutermostEdge-Based Feature Extraction in 65-nm
31 2019 New Zealand IEIE ICEIC 2019 2.4 GHz Fractional-N Sub-Sampling PLL with a Hybrid Type Phase Interpolator
30 2019 New Zealand IEIE ICEIC 2019 Improved Implementation Method of DPWM for NTV DC-DC Converter in 65nm CMOS
29 2018 Taiwan IEEE A-SSCC 2018 A 137-μW Area-Efficient Real-Time Gesture Recognition System for Smart Wearable Devices
28 2018 USA IEIE ICEIC 2018 A 12-bit 200-MS/s Pipelined ADC with Improved Settling Time of Amplifier in 0.13μm CMOS
27 2018 USA IEIE ICEIC 2018 A 10Gbps 2-tap pre-emphasis technique for current-mode logic driver in 55nm CMOS
26 2018 USA IEIE ICEIC 2018 A 25Gbps Source Series-Terminated (SST) transmitter in 55nm CMOS Technology
25 2018 USA IEEE ISSCC 2018 Multi-way interactive capacitive touch system with palm rejection of active stylus for 86” touch screen panels
24 2018 Italy IEEE ISICAS 2018 A 12-bit Multi-Channel R-R DAC Using a Shared Resistor String Scheme for Area-Efficient Display Source Driver
23 2018 Korea 대한전자공학회 추계학술대회 2018 12 Bit의 저전력 전류 모드 디지털-아날로그 변환기를 위한 저전력 Dynamic Element Matching 기법
22 2017 USA IEEE ISSCC 2017 A 3.9kHz-frame-rate capacitive touch system with pressure/tilt angle expressions of active stylus using multiple-frequency driving method for 65″ 104×64 touch screen panel
21 2017 Korea 제24회 한국반도체학술대회 (KCS 2017) 10Gbs Serial-link Transmitter for 10G-EPON
20 2017 Korea 제24회 한국반도체학술대회 (KCS 2017) Pre-emphasis with Capacitive Peaking Technique for 10-Gb/s Serial-Link Transmitter
19 2017 Korea 대한전자공학회 SoC학술대회 2017 UBS 방법을 적용한 태양광 모듈 MPPT 기법
18 2017 Korea 대한전자공학회 하계종합학술대회 2017 10Gbps 클록 데이터 복원기를 위한 카운터 기반 락 검출기 구현
17 2017 Korea ITC-CSCC 2017 Energy efficient spread second capacitor capacitive-DAC for SAR ADCs
16 2016 Korea 대한전자공학회 하계종합학술대회 2016 10Gbps Deserializer 재정렬 플립플롭을 이용한 뱅뱅 위상 검출기
15 2015 Singapore IEIE ICEIC 2015 A 9-bit CMOS DDFS with Area and Power Efficient Architecture
14 2015 Korea 제22회 한국반도체학술대회 (KCS 2015) A 10-bit single-ended SAR ADC for multiple-channel neural recording system
13 2014 Korea ITU 2014 A Low-Power Multi-Channel 10-bit ADC for Structural Health Monitoring System of Civil Structures
12 2014 Korea 대한전자공학회 하계종합학술대회 2014 SIDO구조의 DC-DC boost converter를 위한 cross regulation 감쇠 방법
11 2014 Korea 대한전자공학회 하계종합학술대회 2014 빠르게 변화하는 환경에 적합한 가변적인 힐 클라이밍 MPPT 방법 분석
10 2014 Korea 대한전자공학회 하계종합학술대회 2014 지연 시간 교정 회로를 포함하는 비동기식 SAR ADC를 위한 내부 클럭 발생기
9 2014 USA IEEE ISSCC 2014 A 2GHz 130mW Direct-Digital Frequency Synthesizer with a Nonlinear DAC in 55nm CMOS
8 2013 Korea 제20회 휴먼테크논문대상 (The 20th Humantech Paper Award) A 2GHz 130mW Direct-Digital Frequency Synthesizer with a Nonlinear DAC in 55nm CMOS
7 2013 Korea ITC-CSCC 2013 Low-Power Pipelined Phase Accumulator for High-Speed Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizers
6 2012 Korea ITC 2012 A Low-Power High-Speed Pipelined Phase Accumulator with 2-Stage Pre-Skewing Registers
5 2012 Korea ITC 2012 A Reference-Less 2.5 Gbps Half-Rate Burst-Mode Clock and Data Recovery for Optical Communication Systems
4 2011 China IEEE ASICON 2011 A 10-Bit, 50 MS/s, 55 fJ/conversion-step SAR ADC with split capacitor array
3 2010 USA IEEE SOVC 2010 A 1.3GHz 350mW hybrid direct digital frequency synthesizer in 90 nm CMOS
2 2010 Korea 제17회 휴먼테크논문대상 (The 17th Humantech Paper Award) A 1.5GHz 270mW direct digital frequency synthesizer using reshuffled current weight nonlinear DAC in 90nm CMOS
1 2008 China IEEE APCCAS 2008 A 4GHz direct digital frequency synthesizer utilizing a nonlinear sine-weighted DAC in 90nm CMOS